Subjects for a timely

Software Defined Everything.
Bare-metal too.

Private cloud where you want
it. Like on-prem, only better.

Files, objects and meta-data.
Cloud-scale data management.

The multi-model database and
the (hybrid) cloud. Protect your data

Attributes and federation.
The modern (cloud-ready) digital identity.

Herding cats. Microservices,
service composition and integration.

Portals, Mobile Apps and APIs.
Your (web) services, your rules.

Secure Enterprise Mobility.
Secure Online Collaboration.

Bring Your own… Apps.
Well beyond MDM.

AI (“Amazing Innovations”) for
Governance and Cyber Security.

Cloud-scale systems.
Cloud-ready management.

Focus on Situational Awareness
and Incident Response.

Cyber Security Analytics.
Empower the Human.

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