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Supporting the Anonymous Heroes of These Days

4 May

In the battle against COVID-19, the law enforcement is fighting to keep the community safe. We decided to partner up with Kaiamo to show our support and offer them a savoury meal that would keep their spirits up.
At the beginning of this year, we launched the platform #beameta destined to encourage people to step outside their comfort zone and fight for a good cause. #beameta stands for solidarity, for mutual help and the will to find and help a goal. In the actual context of the battle against COVID-19, many institutions are working day by day to keep the community safe and the virus from spreading. Given the risk they are exposed to, the people protecting the citizens have become the anonymous heroes of our days.
We believe that the heroes fighting in the first line of the war are Meta because they put the welfare of the community above their own personal comfort. They work constantly in order to be able to protect those around them. We partnered up with the prestigious restaurant, Kaiamo, to show our support for their relentless efforts.
On the other hand, the Romanian „new contemporary cuisine” restaurant Kaiamo is another great example of being a Meta. During this crisis, they came up with a strategy that would allow them to use all of their resources in order to help and support the community. Hard times did not change, but reinforced their values. They are determined, thorough and do not allow for any boundaries to stand in their way. Just like Metaminds is created and manufactured in Romania, we couldn’t help but feel that we have much more in common than just the drive for innovation.
We decided to support the initiative created by Kaiamo and we donated the entire sum needed for preparing 400 premium meals a day for 10 days straight. The donation covered the cost of the supplies, the expenses of cooking the meals and properly wrapping them up to be ready for pick-up. The meals created with care were destined to be offered to the personnel of the local police and SMURD.
On a daily basis, up to 400 premium meals were ready to be picked up between 11 AM and 4 PM from the pick up area, carefully set up by the restaurant to adhere to the new rules of hygiene and sanitary security regulations. The meals were prepared using only top local ingredients, chosen and cooked by Chef Radu Ionescu, named “Great Chef of Tomorrow” by the Gault & Millau guide. The first menus of the campaign were created having the approaching holidays in mind and the aim of providing traditional meals in line with Easter.
„We continue to show our support to the anonymous heroes of our days who put the collective welfare above their personal comfort during the battle with the new virus that has changed the world as we know it. If our first contribution was addressed to the Municipal Hospital of Rădăuți during the darkest days of the city of Suceava, now we wanted to show our support towards the personnel of other essential structures: the local police and SMURD. We hope that a hot meal prepared with love and thoroughness by one of the most appreciated chefs in Romania will bring a smile and a moment of peace to those wonderful people”, stated our CEO, Andrei Cruceru.
In this way, we showed the people who are risking their lives on a daily basis that their efforts did not go unnoticed. Along with our partner, Kaiamo, we made sure they knew someone was looking after them as well.
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