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Floare de Colț presentation film – Recycling for education works wonders: tablets for pupils and laptops for teachers

26 April

Pupils from Scortoasa school joined a Zoom meeting for the first time on the tablets given as a result of a digital game made for recycling materials.
We are proud to show the film that announces the results of the educational project for which we partnered with “Floare de Colț”, the ecological organization whose volunteers are former and current pupils from “Mihai Viteazul” National College in Bucharest.
From the very start, we believed in the power of technology and gamification to emphasise the importance of recycling among the young generation, in order to achieve an educational goal.
That is the #beameta way.
A digital game challenged college pupils to recycle in exchange for digital coins. Collecting 100 coins resulted in the possibility of offering a new tablet to a pupil from a poor area in Romania.
In the end, 79 tablets were donated to the children attending the classes of Scorțoasa school, in Buzău county. In our film, all the children joined a Zoom meeting for the first time in their lives to thank the high-school students for the useful devices.
Moreover, 27 high performance laptops were given to the college and elementary school teachers in the village, with the help of Dell – our partner in this project.
We teamed up with Act for Tomorrow NGO for a recycling awareness campaign on social media, together with a series of well-chosen influencers such as Goguci (Ionuț Costea), Corina Băcanu and JaxiTV.
Undeniably, as you can see in the film below, we managed to show that recycling is not only vital for nature but also for the benefit of those who pursue education and want to better themselves.