Sharing Ideas for the World to Move Forward


We are always happy to share the  knowledge we have gathered so far, especially when this information will help businesses, as well as individuals, come out of this difficult period in a better shape than before.

The fourth event of the IDC Events Romania Summit Series, suggestively named ”The Show Must Go ON Line” due to its deployment in the digital realm, was organised in the second half of June. Our CTO, Marius Marinescu, was invited to speak to approximately 100 Senior IT professionals and decision makers from the most prominent enterprises in Romania. Using as a starting point the creed of the US Marine Corps, ”Improvise. Adapt. Change”, Marius analysed the entire work from home movement imposed by the COVID pandemic and the difficulties IT leaders have experienced during this period.


As a professional in the field of cybersecurity, he’s one of the most suitable people to analyze the challenges all of us faced in this regard over the past months. The hard times are not over yet, as the upcoming period is characterized by efforts meant to build systems and approaches that will deal with the work-from-home phenomenon in the long run.


Marius explained how this transition should be seen as a blessing in disguise, since many of the problems that companies were facing in silence have surfaced when confronted with the current situation. Moreover, this delicate subject should not be seen as a curse, a problem companies have to deal with swiftly in order to survive, but rather as an opportunity to develop a healthy and safe manner of working from home.


If you want to find out all the ideas discussed throughout the entire presentation, check out the speech below:



In order to adapt to the current context, organizations need to correctly understand how their employees have worked until recently and the manner in which their IT services have been used. Now, more than ever, companies have to accept that their technologies, long thought to be well developed and able to support collaboration, are in fact outdated and incapable to fit the needs required by these times.


What is interesting about the phenomenon of working from home is that it can benefit both companies and individuals, as long as people have a safe solution when it comes to managing their IT services. This period could be a chance for everybody to readjust their work processes and debate honestly about what fits them best.