Metaminds: Making Romanian Schools Safer and Smarter One Step at a Time

In developing a project with Telekom Romania Mobile Communications, Metaminds has successfully implemented the core infrastructure of a two-factor authentication solution.

One of our most recent accomplishments proves how serious we are when it comes to metacognition: we finalized the core system which will allow the operation of a nationwide initiative to digitize Romanian schools.


As a local company, known for integrating award-winning technologies and managing IT solutions, we have successfully implemented the core infrastructure which will allow more than 1,5 million students and teachers from 4500 schools across Romania to connect, in the near future, to The National Integrated Platform – Wireless Campus, an initiative run by ARNIEC Agency / RoEduNet.

The program includes the installation of a local infrastructure of WiFi technology, a very valuable resource for the 1.736 schools situated in less developed areas. The platform will also allow for differentiated access policies to be implemented depending on variables like student/teacher categories, schedule, age groups and more, that will calibrate the access according to the real needs of the users. One of the most important aspects of the project resides in the protection regarding the inherent risks of using the resources and services of an interconnected open system, as using the internet for other purposes than those stated in the educational projects.


The project was won by Telekom Romania Mobile Communications, in partnership with Metaminds as a trustworthy integrator of complex security and authentication solutions. In order to fulfill our mission, we teamed up with the mobile household name BlackBerry and integrated the BlackBerry 2FA – a highly dependable two-factor authentication solution, aimed to secure access within the WiFi Platform for students and teachers alike.


“Smart Education Systems are critical for students to thrive in today’s economy. BlackBerry is delighted to partner with Metaminds to provide students across Romania with the advanced technology they need to securely and efficiently access the resources they require to succeed.” – Adam Enterkin, Senior Vice President EMEA, BlackBerry


This means that 4.500 Romanian schools, summing up over 1.5 million teachers and students, will receive an update to their learning platform. The new flawless UX and top-notch security of the infrastructure will ensure a trusted collaboration environment and more efficient learning.

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