We’re Proud to Announce Our Partners have been included on Forbes 30 under 30 List

After spending several years studying abroad, they came back home to put their vision into action and opened KAIAMO, one of the most prestigious restaurants in Bucharest.

During the fight against COVID-19 we found in Kaiamo the perfect partner for providing comfort to the ‘Anonymous heroes of these days’. We are glad to announce that Cezara Tănase and Radu Ionescu, proud owners and founders of the restaurant, have been listed on Forbes 30 under 30. Only youngsters with great professional performances are given this opportunity.


This proves that Kaiamo is indeed a great example of what it means to #beameta, a initiative  that aims to identify and bring forward those who step out of their comfort zone and push their own limits to reach the best version of themselves. The Kaiamo entrepreneurs managed to be innovative and became a pioneer in the industry by doing everything with passion and commitment, avoiding mediocrity at the same time.


Cezara and Radu spent 7 years in London, where they got their University degrees, followed by a Master’s degree in Marketing. Determined to get hired, they initially found a part-time job in a neighbourhood restaurant. Even though Radu had always been passionate about traditional Romanian cuisine, he didn’t know how much he loved cooking until he tried replicating at home recipes learned from his grandmother. After finishing his studies, he decided to sign up for “Grand Diplôme de Cuisine et Pâtisserie” a program of the Le Cordon Bleu institute.


After graduation he went on to experiment London’s culinary scene, moving on to 5 stars hotels and ending up in the kitchen of the well-known Chef Ollie Dabbous and his extravagant 1 Michelin star location. Following his instinct, he convinced Cezara to take a leap of faith and return home and turn their dreams into reality.

Bringing Kaiamo to life took them more than a year and a half of hard work and determination. They faced many challenges along the way, such as the construction site where they got involved from the first brick to the last one, understanding the market and the consumers’ behavior and, last but not least, finding the right team. In the end, everything was worth it, as they opened the restaurant that would be featured on the World’s 50 Best Discovery list a year after its launch.


‘Attention to detail was crucial and also laid at the foundation of each decision we took, which is why we had to postpone the restaurant’s official launch. Looking back, I realise everything happened for a reason. Nothing at Kaiamo is left to chance and every element has behind it a tale deeply-rooted in Romania’s history, as well as in the history of my own feelings’, says Radu, Chef and Owner at Kaiamo.


Every little detail mattered in Kaiamo’s development and that is part of the reason it managed to add Romania on the international map of gastronomy. In 2019, Chef Radu Ionescu was also awarded the distinction of ‘Great Chef of Tomorrow’ by Gault & Millau Romania.