Informational Security in the Time of Social Distancing

In a time characterized by social distancing, companies are forced to function differently in order to survive. IDC has organized an online event that focused on information security in the light of the period the world is passing through.

A study published on the 31st of March stated that around 70% of companies were forced to engage differently due to the social distancing rules imposed by the actual context. Many companies were testing how it would be like for their employees to work from home, some were already doing it, but the truth is that no one was ready for such a huge transition in such a short period of time.


In order to help companies keep up with the changes brought by these unsteady times, IDC organized an online debate that tackled the subject of information security seen through the lenses of the actual period and the changes brought by the COVID-19 virus. Marius Marinescu, our CTO, was invited to provide recommendations on how to approach the matter of working from home, this being the element that has changed massively in the past three months.

You can watch the entire presentation below:

The majority of organizations invest a lot of effort and resources in maintaining the services they offer as they are, not necessarily in securing or developing a security strategy of those services. Marius Marinescu approached, among others, the subject of securing the users and their devices, this being one of the top issue companies are having at the moment, with everybody working from an external device outside of the company.


“We can see that the majority of companies prefer to use the security solutions they already have implemented and extend these functionalities to accommodate the increased flow of access from the outside of the company. The first step that should be taken that doesn’t involve a big investment in changing the security solutions is the process of user authentication. The most important factor of combating informational criminality is multi-factor authentication”, says Marius Marinescu.


The extension of the attack area to those who are working from home makes it easier for the security system of companies to show the existence of breaches and gaps. Some measures have been discussed throughout the interview offered online to the IDC. Other pieces of advice have also been given that companies can easily implement in order to get safely through this period that is difficult as it is, without adding the matter of cybersecurity issues.