A Milestone in Our Development


Driven by the will to excel, our team of professionals made it possible for us to reach a 250% increase of the turnover in 2019 compared to the previous year. 

Ever since the company was founded, we had no intention of following the normal development rate of an organisation. We were keen on creating and following our own rules, without glancing over the fence to see if the grass is greener on the other side. With a history of only five years, we managed to prove that we are serious when it comes to becoming pioneers in metacognition.

In reaching for our goal, we were lucky enough to meet the right people that would make our objective achievable faster than we thought. We gradually increased our team and that allowed us to take on more important projects, both in terms of value, as well as complexity. In 2019 we reached a turnover of over 25 million euros, registering a 250% increase compared to the previous year. We were also included in FT1000, the top of the fastest growing companies in Europe, compiled by the prestigious publication Financial Times


In the majority of the projects we implemented, our approach was towards state-of-the-art solutions, based on the concepts of SDN (Software-Defined-Network) and SDS (Software-Defined-Storage), respectively on automation and large-scale integration of all the elements that define the infrastructure of a data-center” said our CEO, Andrei Cruceru.  


Each and every one of our colleagues plays an important role in the well-balanced team of professionals that turns the wheels behind closed doors at Metaminds. Only a well-blended mix of experts is able to provide our clients with an interdisciplinary perspective in solving the challenges they face and that are inherent to digital transformation. Currently, the Metaminds team is composed of 31 members, all of them top specialists in areas such as cybersecurity, connectivity and integration of multiple systems, machine learning and complex systems with large volumes of big data.

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