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Traveling to the Farthest Places on Earth

4 May

The photographer Adi Bulboacă is a great example of what it’s like to #beameta due to his profound passion for photography and the limits he exceeds with every project. 
We created the concept #beameta with the aim of trying to support those prone to fight and exceed their own limits for the common good. We wanted to find and reward the overachievers, those who are stepping outside their comfort zone and are pushing the boundaries of their own mind. When trying to come up with a name for the platform, we decided to get inspired by our own brand and call it #beameta. It’s a simple call to action, which invites people to embrace the overachieving typology, which is exactly what we are doing in our everyday’s work.
Adi Bulboacă, the renowned Romanian photographer, took his passion to a new level and because of this, he showed what it’s like to #beameta. His plan involved embarking on a trip to the North Pole to document the creation of EverRestless, the first Romanian documentary filmed in that area. He went to the North-West of Canada alongside two other colleagues, Sorin Florea and Tudor Petre, to document the experience of Vlad Crișan Pop, who was a part of the ultramarathon 6633 Arctic Ultra
The race involves running for 620 km at a temperature of -30°C or even lower. The participants receive only hot water at the checkpoints, to use it either for a hot shower or to prepare some food or tea. They have to carry their own equipment across the entire distance and this sometimes can reach a weight of up to 35kg. Due to the extreme weather conditions, most participants suffer from hallucinations, fatigue and frostbites. Vlad decided to enter the race in order to raise money for the MagiCAMP educational scholarships, the same objective he has had for every race he has ever entered. 
The moment we heard Adi’s plans, we knew that his intention of documenting the experience is a great Meta example, so we decided to sponsor the entire trip. Even if Adi is not directly involved in the race, he set himself a very difficult task, one that exceeds his limits, and those of his camera as well. This is what it’s like to #beameta: travelling to one of the most merciless places on Earth to shoot an experience that battles the mind and the human capacity to keep it under control when it starts creating its own reality.
The experience involved following Vlad on his trip to the North Pole, participating in his training and preparations for the marathon, as well as being by his side throughout the race. This happened from the back of a car that supervised him, since the participants are not allowed to come in contact with anybody. Adi confronted the harshest winter in the past 5 years with his camera in his hands, fingers freezing on the shutter button, to capture a mind-blowing adventure and to make it possible for others to experience it as well.
The documentary EverRestless will be ready sometime next year for the wide public. To take a look into the adventure, watch the video below.