METAMINDS Confirms Financial Growth For 2022

14 September

METAMINDS S.A. estimates EUR 35mil in turnover at end 2022

With over EUR 40mil-worth of contracts signed to date, the company is optimistic about exceeding the cap by year end


Bucharest, 14th September 2022 — METAMINDS S.A., an acknowledged Romanian IT solutions integrator for private and public organizations across strategic verticals, confirms positive and growing financial performance despite a volatile international scene.

The company estimated a EUR 35mil in turnover by end 2022, with a total worth of contracts signed to date at EUR 40mil, and expected to increase within the year. METAMINDS also counts on a positive margin for the year, continuing the positive trend of previous years.

“Despite a rather complex and volatile international backdrop, METAMINDS continues to be very well positioned to meet market and customer needs effectively and efficiently, while keeping a positive outlook on our sustainable growth objectives.

As confirmed by our technology partners, METAMINDS delivers continued performance in all areas of expertise. While growing and reinforcing our current pool of expertise, we are developing and diversifying our solutions portfolio, in line with current and future technological innovations and market dynamic.”, said Andrei Cruceru, METAMINDS CEO.

The local market is well positioned for growth in METAMINDS’ area of expertise (IT architectures and cyber security)

Public projects resumed at an accelerated pace in 2022, following a political crisis which caused most of them to be cancelled or delayed in 2021; this is equally leveraged by the available European investment funds and pogrammes aimed at delivering the digital transformation of the central and local public services institutions with the help of private IT expertise.

Additionally, the generalized remote work pattern has triggered an increased need for expert and complex cyber security solutions, to provide for the stability and resilience of digital infrastructure and solutions across organizations of all types and sizes.


An intricate global economic background

An unfriendly USD/EUR exchange rate, doubled by a steep increase in costs and inflation globally, aggravated by a global supply chain crisis and delivery terms delayed up to 9 months in the case of certain vendors, only made the markets more volatile and complex to manage.

2022 saw an outburst in cyber attacks across the world as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war, only to add to the complexity and impose a reconsideration of cyber security strategies meant to enhance the cyber resilience of critical digital infrastructures of strategic national importance.



METAMINDS S.A. is a Romanian company established in 2015 specialized in orchestrating and implementing turnkey complex and custom IT architectures – and associated cyber security solutions – for public and private organizations across strategic verticals.

Within 7 years, the company saw its team grow from 5 to 42 specialists, signed over 180 projects, and confirmed a series of financial achievements that placed it in the FT1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe for 3 consecutive years.