| Andrei Cruceru: The right cyber security solution will make the difference starting now

5 October

Andrei Cruceru, METAMINDS CEO & Founder:

  • Cyber Crime is part of the new normal.

  • Cyber attacks are growing more numerous, more diverse, and more sophisticated all over the world. And that is not going to change.

  • Securing the data and all other assets a company has  available online has long been self-explanatory and urgent. In an increasingly connected economy, exposed to an equally  increasing number of cyber threats, we are safe to say that the consequences of a cyber attach are far too serious to be ignored, and reaching as far as a company’s own customers and their online safety.

  • One of the main causes why cyber attacks are successful are the users themselves. Many malicious attempts can be avoided with a sufficient level of digital literacy and knowledge of cyber best practices when online.

Full original article available in Romanian at this link:

Articol ECONOMICA – Andrei Cruceru – Octombrie 2022

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