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Joining the Fight Against the Coronavirus Pandemic

30 April

In the actual context, it was expected for some areas of the country to be more affected than others, but no one expected for things to take such a dramatic turn. We decided to lend a helping hand to the county of Suceava, as a part of our CSR platform, #beameta.
The Military Ordinance no. 6, which came into effect on the 31st of March, stated that the city of Suceava and 8 surrounding communes were to enter total quarantine due to how fast the virus was spreading. According to official data, the county of Suceava had around 30% of the total confirmed cases and reported deaths on a national level. Overmore, they also had a critical rate of infection of the medical staff.
Due to this situation, the Hospital of Rădăuți became overnight the main unit that received the majority of the cases tested positive. The management of the hospital brought to attention the importance of proper conditions in the battle against the virus and the utter need of supplies that would keep the activity of its personnel safe. They were in high need of the resources that would make it possible for them to keep fighting the virus efficiently.
We could not turn a blind eye to such a difficult situation and decided to answer promptly to the call for help launched by the Municipal Hospital of Rădăuți. We decided to donate the sum necessary for them to buy all the sanitary materials, along with the medication required as the number of people needing treatment was getting higher by the day.
We answered in no time to the public call for support made by the management of the hospital, one of the few units involved in the battle against COVID-19 that managed the performance of maintaining its staff uninfected. Even so, the situation was becoming critical and the need for help immediate” stated our CEO, Andrei Cruceru.
With the help they received, the hospital was able to continue fighting effectively against the virus, treating its patients, while also keeping its personnel safe during this crisis.
To access the press release, please visit this link.