Go up and never stop!

14 July

When passion takes over, nothing stands in the way of fulfilling one’s dreams: not the age, height, nor even the lack of experience. A 13-year-old showed us what devotion truly means.
Adrenaline, emotions and exciting experiences are best used to describe the first stage of this year’s National Karting Championship, which took place between the 26 – 28th of June. Andrei Ștefan Constantin, the young contestant who had our full attention, managed to finish third. The competition began in June and will last until October, involving 5 different rounds, each with a different circuit. To become the Karting Champion, the contestants have to make it through all the stages.
Andrei started his training in karting three years ago, at the age of 10, having the full support of his parents. As time passed by and his passion grew, he decided to take things further and got enrolled in his first grand tournament: this year’s National Karting Championship. His inspiration came from another young talent, Horia Roca, who, at the age of 14, became National Champion of the KZ class, the fastest racing category in karting.
His hobby is perceived as the stepping stone to the higher ranks of motorsports, with many champions of Formula One having kick started their careers in karting. Considering his talent and the intensity of his passion for this sport, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him stand in between the contestants of Formula One in the upcoming years.
Touched by Andrei’s strong determination and fuelled by our will to support young talents, we sponsored his enrolment, thus giving him the chance to get closer to his dreams. The initiative is part of our CSR platform, #beameta, through which we aim to sustain the development of those who are eager to step outside their comfort zone in order to get better and evolve.