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A Helping Hand to Guarantee Doctor’s Safety

4 June

One of the ways we showed solidarity towards our community in these difficult times was by donating the medical supplies needed at the Grigore Alexandrescu Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children for the fight against the coronavirus.

As part of our CSR platform, #beameta, we provided the support doctors needed in order to carry on with their job and protect the public’s health.
Not long ago, our country, as well as the entire world, was in the midst of the fight against the coronavirus. Even before the first infection was officially announced in Romania, everybody feared how our medical system would face such a harsh situation, particularly since we all knew the burden it would represent.
One important step we took in supporting the community was providing the medical unit with the sanitary supplies it lacked. We donated masks and sanitiser the medical staff needed in order to ensure patient safety and improve outcome.
We delivered professional products that have clear specifications and guarantee the doctor’s safety while they work. The KN95 masks can be reutilised and they provide five layers of protection, a technology that certifies a higher level of efficiency. The disinfectant can be used both for sanitising the hands as well as any type of surface, doesn’t require rinsing with water and evaporates within a maximum of one minute after application.
“We support courageous people who push their limits and step outside their comfort zone. We believe it is part of our job to help the medical staff so that they may carry on with their work while staying safe” stated Giorgia Bordușanu, our COO. 
This is only one of the ways we decided to get involved in the fight against the virus. Through our newly launched CSR platform, #beameta, we funded and contributed to several other actions meant to support  our community in these difficult times. Here you can discover more details on all of the projects developed under the #beameta umbrella.